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About us

Palazzo Ripetta has a long history, made up of hospitality and values. But it is also the story of a family that has always been driven by an innovative vision, by an idea of total and shared hospitality.

A story that began in the 1960s, when the entrepreneur Alberto Ginobbi, grandfather of the current CEO Giacomo Crisci, realised the cultural value of the historic building, and the importance of its social function and women's emancipation.

Following the acquisition, he started a major renovation together with architect Luigi Moretti, which gave the building unique and inimitable characteristics. Stuccoes and vaults highlight the influence of Antonio Gaudi's Spanish modernism. In 2020, during the time of the pandemic, when the whole world came to a standstill, the family was able to reflect and rethink the very idea of the hotel again deciding to take a further step towards the future.

This is the beginning of the new story of Palazzo Ripetta.
A five-star hotel that contains everything that has always moved its keepers. An authentic tourism that makes culture and sustainability its cornerstones, a place that contributes to the preservation of the city's heritage and local realities, in line with its rich tradition, but at the same time is able to anticipate trends and design a shared future.

The environment is an issue that the new CEO, Giacomo Crisci, cares for greatly. This is why he wanted to create an innovative, zero-impact structure, powered by 100% renewable energy, in which every element is sustainable, from the courtesy sets to the prints, including vegetable-based inks.

An approach that looks to the future in all its forms.
A sustainable future, where art and culture are at the centre of a new idea of hospitality.